Wonder Bowl

Available Sizes:Wonder Bowl 20cm Green Wonder Bowl 20cm Lemon Lime Wonder Bowl 20cm Avo Green Wonder Bowl 20cm Royal Blue Wonder Bowl 20cm Pearl Orange Wonder Bowl 20cm Charcoal Wonder Bowl 20cm Oatmeal Wonder Bowl 26cm Green Wonder Bowl 26cm Lemon Lime Wonder Bowl 26cm Grey Wonder Bowl 26cm Avo…

Window Box and Saucer

Available Sizes:Window Box 50cm White Window Box 50cm Terra Window Box 50cm Green Window Box Saucer 50cm White Window Box Saucer 50cm Terra Window Box Saucer 50cm Green

Watering Hose

Available Sizes:Watering Rose 5Ltr Assorted Watering Rose 10Ltr Assorted

Watering Can

Available Sizes:Watering Can 1Ltr Assorted Watering Can 3Ltr Assorted Watering Can 5Ltr Assorted Watering Can 10Ltr Assorted

Traditional Pot Set

Available Sizes: Traditional Pot Set 22cm Black Traditional Pot Set 22cm Green Traditional Pot 17cm Assorted Traditional Pot 22cm Green Traditional Pot 22cm Black

Wall Bracket

Wall Bracket Green Wall Bracket Black Wall Bracket White Wall Bracket Terra

Terra Bowl & Hook

Available Sizes:Terra Bowl & Hook 15cm Avo Terra Bowl & Hook 15cm Terra Terra Bowl & Hook 15cm White Terra Bowl & Hook 15cm Green Terra Bowl & Hook 20cm Avo Terra Bowl & Hook 20cm Terra Terra Bowl & Hook 20cm White Terra Bowl & Hook 20cm Green Terra…

Spray Bottle & Nozzle

Available Sizes: Spray Bottle & Nozzle 1Ltr

Solar Dish with Divider Set

Available Sizes:Solar Dish with Divider Set 25cm Terra Solar Dish with Divider Set 25cm Beige Solar Dish with Divider Set 25cm Green

Solar Dish

Available Sizes:Solar Dish 25cm Charcoal Solar Dish 25cm Green Solar Dish 25cm Terra Solar Dish 25cm Beige Solar Dish 30cm Charcoal Solar Dish 30cm Green Solar Dish 30cm Terra Solar Dish 30cm Beige Solar Dish 35cm Charcoal Solar Dish 35cm Green Solar Dish 35cm Terra Solar Dish 35cm Beige Solar…

Super Pot Saucer

Available Sizes:Super Pot Saucer 10cm Avo Green Super Pot Saucer 10cm Orange Super Pot Saucer 10cm Brown Super Pot Saucer 10cm Charcoal Super Pot Saucer 10cm Beige Super Pot Saucer 10cm Terra Super Pot Saucer 10cm Green Super Pot Saucer 10cm Assorted New Colours Super Pot Saucer 15cm Avo Green…

Super Pot

Available Sizes:Super Pot 10cm Avo Green Super Pot 10cm Brown Super Pot 10cm Orange Super Pot 10cm Charcoal Super Pot 10cm Terra Super Pot 10cm Green Super Pot 10cm Green Beige Super Pot 15cm Avo Green Super Pot 15cm Brown Super Pot 15cm Orange Super Pot 15cm Charcoal Super Pot…

Sill Planter

Available Sizes: Sill Planter 50cm Green Sill Planter 50cm Terra Sill Planter 50cm Beige Sill Planter 50cm Oatmeal Sill Planter 50cm Avo Sill Planter 50cm Charcoal Sill Planter 50cm Assorted Sill Planter 75cm Assorted Sill Planter Saucer 50cm Green Sill Planter Saucer 50cm Terra Sill Planter Saucer 50cm Beige Sill…

Roma Planter

Available Sizes:Roma Planter 35cm White Roma Planter 35cm Green Roma Planter 35cm Terra 3x35cm Roma Planter Set Roma Planter 40cm White Roma Planter 40cm Green Roma Planter 40cm Terra

Rooibos Mulch

Available Sizes:Rooibos Mulch 15dm


Available Sizes:Rake with handle Green

Plant Ladder

Available Sizes:Plant Ladder Green Plant Ladder Twin Pack Assorted

Pet Bowl

Available Sizes:Pet Bowl 16cm Assorted Pet Bowl 20cm Assorted Pet Bowl 25cm Assorted


Available Sizes:Multiflora 30cm Assorted


Available Sizes:Multiflora 30cm White Multiflora 30cm Green Multiflora 30cm Terra Multiflora 30cm Assorted

Kiddie’s Starter Pack

Available Sizes:Kiddie’s Starter Pack 4x12.5 Assorted

Intelo Pole Pot & Clips

Available Sizes:Intelo Pole Pot & Clips, Terra, Green, Avo Green, Brown, Dark Red, Orange


Available Sizes:50cm Sill pntr+Scr+Soil+Seed Green 50cm Sill pntr+Scr+Soil+Seed Oatmeal 50cm Sill pntr+Scr+Soil+Seed Charcoal

Herb Starter Pack

Available Sizes:Herb Starter Pack :50cm Sill pntr+Scr+Soil+Seed Terra

Growers Pot

Available Sizes:Growers Pot 12.5cm Black Growers Pot 12.5cm Assorted Growers Pot 17.5cm Black Growers Pot 17.5cm Assorted Growers Pot 22.5cm Black Growers Pot 22.5 Assorted

Colonial Planter

Available Sizes:Colonial Planter 29cm, Red, White, Green
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