Scientific Chemicals

Goldfish Food

Available Sizes:Goldfish Food 20g Goldfish Food 40g Goldfish Food 100g


Iodised Blocks Aviary Blocks Parrot Blocks


Cockatiel treat Budgie Honey Treat Canary Honey Treat Parrot Treat


Available Sizes: PlushPet Carpet & Bedding Spray 350ml PlushPet Garden Flea Granules 1kg PlushPet Garden Flea Spray 200ml PlushPet Outdoor Pet Repellent 500g PlushPet Indoor Pet Repellent 350ml PlushPet Cat Tick & Flea Collar 35cm PlushPet Cat Dip 100ml PlushPet Cat Tick and Flea Powder 100g PlushPet Cat Tick and…


Available Sizes: Equiline Liniment 1L Equiline Fly Repellent 1L Equiline Spray Treat 1L Equiline Wound Spray 500ml Equiline Shampoo 1L Equiline Fly Repellent 5L Equiline Shampoo 5L


Available Sizes:Scatterkill for insects 2kg Scatterkill for insects 500g Scatterkill for Snails 1kg Scatterkill for Snails 250g Scatterkill for Weeds 1kg Scatterkill for Fleas 1kg Scatterkill for Cutworm 1kg


Available Sizes:Spray-kill #1 for Ants, Harvester Termites, Crickets, Brown Locusts and Cockroaches 200ml Spray-kill #1 for Ants, Harvester Termites, Crickets, Brown Locusts and Cockroaches 500ml Spray-kill #2 for Worms, Caterpillers and Loopers 200ml Spray-kill #3 for Aphids, Beetles, Moths, Scale, Thrips, White Fly 200ml Spray-kill #4 for Fleas 200ml Spray-kill…
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